Challenge us to find the most difficult role you need filled

We’re confident in our ability to source and deploy the perfect candidate for any project, because our network of senior-level talent is huge and our approach to recruiting is more efficient and agile than any other recruiting firm you’ll find out there.

Our phenomenal delivery relies on dedicated account managers, an unrivaled proprietary network of talent and a real understanding of organizations’ changing needs.

Your dedicated account manager will take time to understand your organization, projects, company culture and unique requirements. That same person will then guide you through the entire process, personally screening and selecting candidates and deploying the team you choose.

Our database of enterprise technology specialists is constantly updated with resumes of senior level subject-matter experts to include the skill-sets necessary for today’s dynamic IT environments. By leveraging this massive network and our referral-based sourcing strategy, we respond quickly and effectively to your specific needs.

Too often clients are given binding, long-term contracts and pre-packaged teams that don’t meet every requirement. That’s not the way we choose to work. Here at Patriot, we give our clients the opportunity to build their own teams from the candidates we select through our intensive recruiting process.

We build and deploy your team, sorting out all of the logistics so that you can focus on other key business responsibilities. Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible.